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ZS Consulting can unlock substantial potential in your accounting and management software packages through aftermarket reporting modules or by drafting reports customized to the specific needs of your business.

Inventory Usage Reports

Inventory Usage Comparison
Inventory Usage per Supplier
Inventory Usage per Stock Item
Inventory Usage per Brand
Inventory Usage per area
Warehouse Usage
Stock Re-order Report

Sales Reports

Sales Analysis
Sales And Profit
Sales per Customer
Top 100 Customers
Sales per representative
Sales per area
Sales per Stock Item Group

Financial Reports

Income Statement
Job Costing
Rep Commission
Customer Orders

Say hello to Skynamo!

Skynamo empowers sales teams with the information, analytics and freedom to perform, and out-perform company sales targets and industry norms.
Sales reps, technicians and other field workers can place orders, collect data, load images, manage contacts, track sales and create tasks without having to return to the office. Sales managers have a real-time view of the activities, performance and needs of their sales teams so they can offer immediate support, information and guidance when needed.
Using mobile, location, and cloud technology to provide real-time customer, pricing, stock and sales information, Skynamo instantly syncs between the web and mobile apps to make sure that everyone, whether at the office or in the field, has the information they need to make the right sale.

Skynamo is a subscription service. The Android app works with the Skynamo Insights web platform, integrating into your ERP or CRM solution, to provide a holistic view into the sales activities of your company. More details of the costs, features and benefits of Skynamo on our site:
Simple powerful sales management… Sign up for a demo of Skynamo and watch sales soar!

– Access up-to-date customer information, detailed history and notes from anywhere
– Location aware tracking, correct stock data and instant order capturing
– Send quotes, place orders and request credit notes from the mobile
– See all products, stock levels and prices
– Easy and transparent visit scheduling
– Set up visit frequencies to stay in touch with customers
– Capture data in the field
– Add tasks and reminders, so nothing is forgotten
– Offline capability for when out of network coverage
– Automatic syncing when network coverage returns

To keep Skynamo reliable, we will be collecting data from your device to help us figure out why Skynamo crashes. The data we collect DOES NOT contain any of your personal information but includes: Server URL, username, as well as application preferences.

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